ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework

ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework is a self-developed adapter-framework enabling connection of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (IdM) and 3rd party products.

Our products enables IdM to centrally manage identities for non-SAP-systems as well. This functionality extends SAP NetWeaver IdM with the ability to control authorization management in a heterogeneous system landscape and elevate data quality of connected systems. This centralized approach simplifies administration of different roles and corresponding identities as well as facilitating a quicker and more efficient user management, providing cost advantages while raising security standards.

A distinct specialty of ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework is its modular structure. Needed modules by customers demand can be supplied individually and customized if necessary. This structure offers the ability to add distinct functions or connect to other services at a later time. Again, this leads to customer's cost advantage with proven efficiency.

Schematischer Aufbau der Integration in die SAP Software

Schematic structure of integration into SAP software

ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework generally consists of at least three packages:

  • the connector-package, providing the dynamic call of services as a central interface at the Virtual Directory Server
  • the logon-package, providing the framework's authentication and encryption methods like NTLM v3
  • product-specific packages, providing functionality for the target system. A combination of several target systems (i.e. Microsoft Sharepoint®, Microsoft Exchange®) is possible

The modular structure of ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework allows to connect additional webservice-capable products and usage of predefined interfaces and packages to SAP NetWeaver Identity Managements. Please do not hesitate to inquire for more information. Our experience in this field allows us to implement  functionality needed by you target-orientated and swiftly.

ASCONSIT Provisioning Framework has been successfully certified by SAP and is subject to constant monitoring to maintain our own high quality and security standards.