Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)

Secure Password Management and User-Friendly Login Processes

Employees often need many different passwords to access the applications, services, and information that they need for their work. This can be a significant security risk for the business, while also increasing the workload of the help desk, which is typically the first point of contact in the event of access problems. A centrally managed single sign-on solution designed specifically for business environments can alleviate these problems by providing a minimalistic sign-on process that complies with the relevant security standards.

Simplified Login Process thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO)

The number of passwords needed by each employee increases with the number of applications and services that he or she uses for work. To avoid having to memorize an excessive number of different passwords, many users fall back upon simple default passwords. Even experienced users sometimes give in to this temptation if they are forced to enter too many different username/password combos on a daily basis. This places businesses under increasing pressure to simplify their employees’ access to computer systems, applications, and online services as much as possible without undermining the company security policy.

Enterprise Single Sign-On enables businesses to streamline their system landscape and manage their employees’ access to all kinds of software applications. Single Sign-On (SSO) approaches are typically based on identities stored in a central directory and/or Microsoft ™ Active Directory. This eliminates the need to manage and maintain an expensive user infrastructure for each application. SSO cuts down the authentication process to just one password for all services, minimizing the likelihood of password misuse and reducing the burden on system admins incurred by unnecessary routine password-related tasks.

The Benefits of Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) at a glance

Simplified administration of user rights

Having a centrally organized system for user identities and the passwords assigned to them significantly reduces the administrative effort associated with managing access rights, decreasing the burden placed on administrators. This allows a more optimal utilization of personnel and reduces expenses.

Self-service password reset and assignment requests

Users can submit reset and reassignment requests for forgotten passwords themselves through a self-service portal based on predefined security questions, selected in advance by the company. These uniquely identify the employee, who provides the relevant personal information to allow them to be securely authenticated. This reduces the risk of fraudulent password requests.

Minimization of password misuse

Enterprise Single Sign-On reduces the likelihood of password misuse – it’s harder to eavesdrop on someone’s password if they only type it once. The system then forwards the login requests to each application, service, etc., assigned to the employee in the background by means of specially generated tokens.

Increased productivity for employees and the help desk

The significantly decreased effort to access applications, services, and information goes hand in hand with higher employee productivity. The burden on the help desk is also reduced, since employees will need assistance less often, achieving significant savings in support costs.

ASCONSIT: The Specifications of an SSO Solution need to be Precise!

With a multitude of solutions on the market, it is often not easy for a business to find the right SSO solution. Therefore, it is essential for the specifications of the solution to be established as clearly and precisely as possible. These specifications can then be compared against solution-based standards, directory and identity services, enterprise network and cloud applications, mobile applications, and any access to social media platforms that is required. Also of critical importance is the user-friendliness of the system, both for standard users and system admins.

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