We are Ready to Advocate for Your IT Security

Good communication is at the heart of the best security practices. That’s why ASCONSIT places great importance on providing detailed guidance to our customers when laying the foundations of a solid, forward-looking IT security environment. Our consultancy services utilize a proven process and methodology:

Our proven consulting processes

1. Needs Assessment

Through detailed discussions and workshops with key users and stakeholders, the shortcomings of your current state are identified, along with the desired features of the future solution. This step defines the business drivers of the project and its objectives more precisely.

2. Analysis Phase

The next step is to analyse the procedures of the current state and any associated processes. This clarifies the scope of the project and establishes an estimate of the expected costs.

3. Conception & Development

The results of the analysis are used to develop a complete plan that addresses the business requirements, technical specifications, and processes of the project. The business requirements are regularly referenced to ensure that they are met.

4. Implementation & Operational Handover

After development and in-depth testing of the solution are complete, the solution is integrated into your company’s IT infrastructure and activated.

5. Support

We continue to guide our customers after their custom IT security solutions are in place with a comprehensive range of support services. We can transfer knowledge through targeted workshops and training, perform stress and security tests, and support you with incident management through our support structure.

6. Evaluation

We care deeply about continuously improving our services to better serve our customers. After each successfully completed project, we perform a careful self-evaluation and request feedback from our customers. This allows us to adjust and improve the services that we provide.