Development & Support

We Develop Custom Solutions

ASCONSIT is proud to support our industry-leading customers and partners by implementing IT security projects that are carefully and precisely tailored to their specific requirements and circumstances.

The measure of our success is the number of international companies that already rely on the extensive expertise we have acquired from a portfolio of complex projects around the globe. Our experience is reflected in the wide range of services we offer; ranging from comprehensive consultancy, to concept development for tailor-made solutions, to the detailed planning and implementation of these solutions, and finally support team and end-user training along with on-the-job instruction. It doesn’t matter whether we are developing multi-site identity management solutions and public key infrastructures, working on certificate management systems, or implementing sophisticated audit and compliance plans. Our commitment to success remains the same.

ASCONSIT Support Packages

The support and infrastructure maintenance needs of our customers vary greatly. Although it is often desirable to keep experienced consultants close at hand to assist with support and service requests, this is typically not cost-effective. ASCONSIT offers a range of customizable support and service alternatives to our customers. With support centers in Europe and North America, ASCONSIT provides multiple options to fit your needs – from incidents, to service requests, to solutions for minor development issues. Our support and service agreements are subscription-based, customizable solutions including the following services (and more):

  • Health check-up: How healthy is your IdM configuration? The ASCONSIT support team can provide periodic reports on your overall system status. The support team can also work with your database administrators, BASIS, and application teams to optimize your IdM landscape.
  • Security checks: Are your IdM servers and their components secure? The support team will perform a series of periodic reviews to highlight any potential issues with your database, operating systems, or configuration.
  • Documentation: We work with you to document your IdM solution and configuration. We have extensive experience producing functional and technical documentation.
  • Periodic status meetings: It’s important for the ASCONSIT support team to keep in regular contact with you as they work. We schedule periodic meetings to continuously monitor and oversee ongoing support activities. We can also plan status meetings to review and plan future needs or introduce new product features.
  • ASCONSIT Dashboard: The service and support package includes a license for ASCONSIT Dashboard: a flexible tool with monitoring and error detection functionality for SAP IdM, as well as reporting features.
  • Service requests: Do you need support with smaller tasks related to your IdM application? Our support packages enable our customers to submit support requests, which can then be processed remotely by the ASCONSIT support team. Extra service hours can also be added to support plans according to prearranged terms for other activities or changes that are too small to justify a full consultancy project. A typical example of a service request might be to apply a change of configuration or implement a new service pack.
  • Knowledge transfer: An experienced member of the ASCONSIT support team will attend a knowledge transfer event at an on-site appointment. These sessions allow us to work through essential aspects of your system set-up to help you understand its functionality and how it can be optimally managed. Knowledge transfer is always included right from the start of any projects carried out by ASCONSIT – at no additional cost.
  • Incident support: Every ASCONSIT service and support package specifies an hourly rate for support with errors that may occur within your IdM system. Our support team will contact you according to the terms defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to help you resolve your issue promptly.

Application Management Service (AMS)

IT projects and their underlying infrastructure are often complex. In many cases, they involve multiple project teams that use and maintain different applications. This can demand high levels of communication and coordination from customers. A professional Application Management Service (AMS) can help with this – an AMS significantly reduces the complexity of your IT landscape by taking care of various tasks associated with your applications. For example, central release management, error management, and monitoring can be handled together by the same supplier. The customer benefits from streamlined communication channels and leaner processes, which can significantly reduce the burden associated with an application and go hand in hand with increased efficiency. ASCONSIT offers the following services in the form of individual Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

  • system access & set-up
  • configuration & optimization
  • release management
  • maintenance & monitoring for applications and their underlying system components
  • incident management
  • help desk & support
  • knowledge transfer & documentation services

Personnel services

ASCONSIT can also help you to recruit the right experts for your project. Our company network benefits from many connections, allowing us to find the best IT experts on the market for our customers – whether you need to fill a long-term position (permanent placement) or just need an external specialist for a temporary project (contracting). Thanks to years of experience in recruiting, our processes are optimized to fill any open IT positions smoothly and quickly. Security is always our first and foremost concern. From data protection, to compliance, to professional recruitment.