ASCONSIT IdM Dashboard for SAP©

A Better Overview for Smarter Identity Management

Identity management often involves complex and sophisticated system analysis and review. The ASCONSIT Dashboard was developed to bring the results of this analysis to life with clear and helpful visualizations. Management benefits from an insightful overview of the system and the status of operations without requiring extensive technical expertise. The same tool also benefits IT support with rapid diagnostics and tools for crystal-clear data comparison.

Work more Efficiently with the ASCONSIT Dashboard

The ASCONSIT Dashboard is a JAVA program that makes it easier to work with SAP Identity Management (IdM). It is compatible with IdM 7.2 and IdM 8.0 systems based on Microsoft SQL databases (support for Oracle database is scheduled), providing automated jobs for your IdM system, clear overviews of the Identity Store, and additional features for developers and administrators.

Key Features at a Glance

The features of the dashboard are clearly organized into tabs. The results of various automated jobs of your IdM system are organized by categories of Success, Warning, and Error and presented transparently as a pie chart. Any required actions are visible at a single glance. Insights help you identify any common errors in your IdM system, as well as provide more specific clues regarding the possible root cause, facilitating early error detection and corrective measures.

Other features for admins and developers enable them to browse the Identity Store. Need to find the attributes associated with a specific entry in the Identity Store? No problem. Want to know which scripts are being used where? Easily done with the ASCONSIT Dashboard!

Product Characteristics and Features:

  • Automatic system checks via modules
  • Quickly search for frequently needed information directly from the database
  • Integrated developer search tools
  • Dynamically adapted to your company’s specific Identity Store
  • Extensive analysis features (without requiring MMC, SQL Studio, or IDM Developer Studio)

Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Quickly and easily view the system status
  • Simplified searching of the Identity Store
  • Various tools for developers and support personnel
  • System statistics

“Anybody who wants to deploy an enterprise identity management system needs a good overview of all subsystems. The dashboard developed by ASCONSIT plays a key role in preparing the information needed by various types of user and presenting it in a clearly structured way.”

Fabian Schlieckau (Your IdM Monitoring Expert)