ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP©

Easily Upgrade from Central User Administration to SAP Identity Management

For years, SAP Central User Administration (CUA) was the tool of choice for centralized permissions management in many businesses. Now that SAP has discontinued the development of this solution, companies need to transition to modern and robust solutions. The ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP makes upgrading from CUA to SAP Identity Management extremely easy.

Easily Replace your Existing CUA Systems

The ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP© is a comprehensive consultancy solution that assists businesses as they upgrade from Central User Administration (CUA) to SAP Identity Management (IdM). The process is quick, straightforward, and without expensive project overhead, since our predefined processes and workflows are already optimized to connect to your legacy CUA landscape.

Together with the toolbox provided by SAP IdM, the current functional scope of your CUA can be conveniently transferred onto the new IdM system and – if desired or necessary – extended to take advantage of the new functionality available. We can provide a custom-configured user interface that strongly mirrors the old CUA interface, ensuring a smooth transition and broad user adoption.

Cross-system User Administration using Standardized Processes

The ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP© enables you to manage your users across different systems. This solution includes the familiar features of Central User Administration (CUA) – creating, copying, and editing users, assigning/revoking system access and permissions – and more. You can define business roles with privileges across different systems, making it more efficient to give your employees the rights and permissions they need. When creating users, assigning systems, roles, or permissions, you can follow the predefined approval processes designed for managers or role owners, or simply assign special permissions to specific employees easily and directly.

Efficiency of Self-Service Portals

Self-service administrative systems are more efficient and easier to use than a help desk. The ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP© includes processes and interfaces that allow users to manage their own information (address data, communication data, and parameters for ABAP systems) centrally. With the ASCONSIT IdM StarterKITlight for SAP©, your employees can request system access and business roles independently and reset their password for any connected system according to a centralized procedure.

Product Characteristics and Features:

  • Processes for connecting SAP Application Server ABAP and SAP Application Server JAVA systems (including user synchronization)
  • Predefined processes, workflows, and interfaces for managing users and permissions
  • Standardized notifications for any associated workflows
  • Self-service portals
  • Compatibility with the ASCONSIT IdM UI5KIT for SAP© and the ASCONSIT IdM Dashboard for SAP©

Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Competitive fixed price, no need for long-term budget
  • Connectors for SAP Application Server ABAP and SAP Application Server JAVA systems
  • Standardized workflows (e.g. approval procedures)
  • Business Role Model - definition of cross-system roles
  • Enhanced efficiency through self-service tasks (passwords for each system, individual data management ...)
  • License-free SAP IdM for pure SAP landscapes
  • Extensible for implementation of customer-specific processes
  • Support for connectors to other source systems (SAP HCM, Microsoft Active Directory, Lotus Notes, cloud solutions, and much more)

“Our solution makes switching from Central User Administration to SAP Identity Management extremely easy. We developed our own user interface and predefined workflows to help the transition to a more sustainable user administration system unfold more smoothly. Businesses will definitely see the benefits in a short time!”

Markus Keller (Your IdM Expert)