User-Friendly Self-Service Procedures for Mobile Devices

Applications that support mobile devices need a flexible user interface. Modern identity management tools need adaptive designs that enable employees and their managers to apply for, manage, and approve permissions themselves – whether from a desktop computer, or on the go from a smartphone or tablet.

Identity Management goes mobile

The ASCONSIT IdM UI5KIT for SAP© gives your employees and managers intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for SAP Identity Management (IdM), enabling them to manage their permissions from anywhere through the mobile-friendly self-service interface. We custom-developed these interfaces using SAP UI5, a HTML5-based framework by SAP specifically designed for modern user interfaces. The responsive design makes self-service operations easier and more efficient, allowing end users to submit requests without assistance from the IT department on any device – pc, tablet, or phone.

From Out of the Box Scenarios to Custom Solutions

The ASCONSIT IdM UI5KIT for SAP© includes the following scenarios out of the box:

  1. Permission requests
  2. Requests from external staff
  3. Overview of all employees
  4. Approval or rejection of open requests and external requests
  5. System monitoring

In addition to these included scenarios, we can also model your company’s own processes and workflows in SAP UI5 to adapt to the specific needs of your business by developing custom apps for the IdM interface. The data validation restrictions associated with the NetWeaver interface (WebDynpro JAVA) – which would require expensive development work to resolve under the extension framework – can be quickly and easily implemented on your behalf in SAP UI5 for IdM.
As a technical prerequisite for intuitive user interfaces based on SAP UI5, your company must be using SAP Identity Management (Version 7.2 or 8.0). SAP UI5 builds on your existing infrastructure and can either be operated as a standalone or integrated into your current SAP Fiori landscape. If you choose the integrated approach, SAP UI5 will reduce the overhead of identity and permissions management, helping you to implement sustainable and streamlined processes.

Product Characteristics and Features:

  • Adaptable to your company’s custom design (design standards for SAP Fiori 2.0)
  • The key IdM scenarios are already modeled and available “out of the box”
  • Detection of duplicate claims by external staff
  • Compatible with SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Reduced burden on IT support for routine tasks
  • Reduced overhead for identity and permissions management
  • Easy to model custom approval processes
  • Modern interfaces
  • Responsive design for mobile devices

“ASCONSIT offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for building an identity management solution and extending your interfaces with SAP UI5. We advise you throughout each phase of the project, supplying training and support before, during, and after the roll-out. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise in security and compliance!”

Markus Keller (Your UI5 Expert)