Future-proof IAM migration solution for SAP IdM

Obtaining detailed clarity about the technical requirements associated with the replacement of SAP Identity Management is a key task as the maintenance period for the SAP product draws to a close. The search for the best possible successor solution is in full swing. Answers are needed as to how to proceed and what the next steps are. Which solution is the right one depends on a variety of prerequisites and technical details.

ASCONSIT IAM migration solution for SAP IdM

The initial situation

Numerous companies use SAP Identity Management (IdM) to manage the lifecycle of users and their authorizations across architectures in heterogeneous system landscapes. Maintenance for SAP IdM ends on December 31, 2027, which has been communicated by SAP for some time. There will definitely be no IdM / IAM successor product from SAP.
Individual areas of IdM can also be mapped with SAP Access Control. However, they cannot be implemented without adjustments and effort and are not 100% comparable with the functionalities of IAM solutions.

The challenge

There is the option of one-off, chargeable extended maintenance for SAP IdM until 2030, but for many companies this option is merely a contingency plan, especially as further costs may arise and the cost-effectiveness and usability must be evaluated individually against the background of the dynamic further development of IAM solutions.
With SAP's cloud strategy, some areas will be possible in the cloud. However, complete use of the IdM functionalities, as was possible in the on-prem version, will definitely not be possible in the cloud. From a user perspective, SAP Cloud Identity Management does not offer an identical scope of services and only addresses SAP landscapes in the future. Alternatives from the IAM market are available and can be used for purely on-prem deployments.

The solution

ASCONSIT has successfully implemented SAP IdM migration projects to other IAM technologies since 2022. Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the special processes in SAP landscapes, we have a service portfolio that is specially tailored to SAP requirements. With the areas of planning, consulting, development, implementation, operation, support and further development, this is unique in its combination for SAP and non-SAP IAM projects.
It is important to understand that there is no mandatory transition to the cloud. This is often suggested, but is not necessarily relevant or appropriate. Powerful on-prem solutions are available and usable with IAM software products on the market. However, it is crucial to know the most compatible and efficient solutions for SAP systems and processes and to be able to evaluate the requirements. ASCONSIT has opted for the Identity Manager from One Identity and Entra ID from Microsoft.

Product characteristics and features

  • Consultation with guidelines for the individual migration solution
  • Technical support for problems and unanswered questions
  • Detailed and automated analysis of the SAP IdM application and setup
  • Automated and customized import routines with successor technology
  • Assignment of customized templates and processes
  • Recommendations for the Identity Manager from One Identity or Entra ID from Microsoft

Your benefits at a glance

  • Future-proof successor solution for SAP IdM
  • Analysis tool for automated interpretation of the relevant migration data
  • Consideration of all technical requirements
  • Result on time and financial expenditure
  • Concrete roadmap for the necessary implementation steps
  • Available experience from realized migration projects

“Based on the experience from ongoing migration projects, as well as the experience from countless SAP security projects, ASCONSIT has developed a tool that automatically determines and documents the path to migrate the product in the right direction. With ASCONSIT and FASTlane Migration Analyzer and the upcoming Migration Wizard, the transition to the most suitable successor technology is efficient and economically feasible.
Answers are provided to the key questions about financial requirements, operational process steps and timeframes.”

Markus Keller (your IAM expert)