SAP Identity Management

Centralized user and rights administration for on-premise and cloud landscapes

SAP Identity Management (IdM) allows you to centrally manage users and their permissions across heterogeneous system landscapes. The software makes your processes more efficient with a wide range of automation and self-service functionality, while also meeting compliance and transparency requirements thanks to integrated reporting and monitoring tools.

Effectively Manage user identities and permissions

With the Identity Management software by SAP, you can reduce your administrative overhead by automating permissions-related processes, improving regulatory compliance throughout your organization, and reducing the likelihood of mistakes by limiting the need for manual access to your system landscape. IdM includes workflow functionality to automate and simplify processes throughout the entire lifecycle of a user’s identity. For example, SAP Identity Management can automate the creation of email accounts and phone numbers for new employees, prepare user accounts on each target system needed by the employee, assign default permissions dynamically (birthright access), and notify managers by email once the process has successfully concluded. Additionally, user requests and modifications can be executed by automatic provisioning procedures to assign new permissions, and – last but not least – administrators can view and manage the roles of each user at any time.

Strong connector ecosystem supports compliance within your business

SAP Identity Management includes many connectors, enabling you to integrate a wide range of systems from your IT landscape. This allows you to centrally manage access to systems including various SAP, non-SAP, and cloud systems – Active Directory, AS ABAP, SAP HANA, Lotus Notes, O365, and RESTful Web Services. The broad auditing and reporting functionality of SAP Identity Management also allows you to transparently and easily track any permissions granted in the past or visualize data modifications to fulfil company-specific compliance requirements. By connecting with other reporting systems – such as SAP BW – you can also configure and execute large-scale data reports centrally.

Comprehensive modular system for custom solutions

The flexibility to connect and configure SAP Identity Management with the target systems in your specific IT landscape facilitates a broad variety of applications, making SAP IdM the nerve center of your user administration system. Whether you want to use SAP Identity Management as a replacement for CUA, as a permissions management system with user data from SuccessFactors©, or even as part of an identity management system via UI5 apps – SAP Identity Management provides a comprehensive suite of modules that can be customized as little or as much as your system landscape requires.

Product characteristics & features

  • Integration and provisioning with various SAP/non-SAP systems for user and permissions administration (simple data sources also supported)
  • Identity Lifecycle Management (e.g.: onboarding / reinstatement / termination / long-term illness / parental leave / retirement and more)
  • Cross-system role definitions; individual and composite roles can be combined together
  • Automated provisioning (role-based / rule-based)
  • Risk analysis interfaces plus various auditing and reporting solutions (compliance)
  • Task-based administration and self-service functionality
  • Workflow-supporting features: individually customizable and manageable workflows
  • Custom approval processes: including multi-level sequential or parallel procedures with escalation rules and timeout controls that can be implemented using workflow kits

Your benefits at a glance

  • cost savings and risk minimization thanks to centralized Identity & Access Management
  • increased efficiency thanks to automated workflows – e.g. when assigning permissions to new users or renewing passwords
  • easier to implement compliance requirements
  • higher flexibility thanks to integration with non-SAP systems
  • wide range of connectors for other systems
  • tailored processes for custom workflows

“We can help you take full advantage of the functionality of the software, accompany you as you implement your new system, and provide extensive coaching and support services once the roll-out is complete. We can also support you if you already use SAP Identity Management – e.g. while upgrading to a new version, connecting new systems, implementing new processes, or any other professional support that your IdM landscape might need.”

Olaf Tetzlaff (Team Lead SAP)