Our promise

ASCONSIT: We Combine Proven Quality with Trend-Setting Innovation

Today, companies are expected to meet high standards for transparency, compliance, identity management, and risk management. In order to fully comply with legal and corporate IT security standards, we always ensure that our solutions align with these requirements and criteria from the outset. We combine our high-quality standards with innovative solutions. We only develop products that are both reliable and innovative in equal measure. We also emphasize simplicity in our processes, ease of use, and efficient system integration. The result is a successful symbiosis of quality and forward-looking innovation.

We Value Trust-Based Communication

Our primary focus when planning and implementing a custom IT security solution is to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We partner with our customers through every stage of the project. Your trust is paramount to us, and we work openly and transparently to foster effective collaboration. This creates the ideal conditions for solutions that can be seamlessly and sustainably integrated into your system landscape.

We don’t want to simply move forward, we want to do so on a solid footing. The key to achieving this is strong teamwork, driven by motivation and passion for sophisticated products and solutions. We attach great importance to cultivating a productive working environment at ASCONSIT, which is why we are always open to constructive criticism, whether from our own teams or our customers.