In operation worldwide

ASCONSIT offers its services worldwide and always delivers high-quality project work, the best possible development and professional support. Our customers all of the world appreciate our high-contact approach.


Atlanta (Food and Beverage)

Successful development and implementation of an SAP Identity Management solution including SAP Access Control (GRC), integration and implementation of SAP Single Sign-On for a major US Food and Beverage company, with worldwide support and roll-outs in several countries.

Newport News (Wholesale Plumbing Supplies)

Support of SAP Identity Management by a locally based team on behalf of a plumbing supplies wholesaler. The scope of this collaboration is currently being extended to include authorization management.

State of Virginia (IT Service Provider)

Support and assistance with company-wide SAP Identity Management. Correction, optimization, and further development of existing processes based on a series of fault analyses.


Hagen (Retail)

New implementation of SAP Identity Management for a customer in retail, featuring a HR connector, integrated review processes, and a business role concept for individual branches.

Stuttgart (Automotive)

Upgraded to SAP Identity Management 8.0 for two productive applications of SAP Identity Management and SAP UI5 development projects with complex requirements including the integration of HANA backends.

Bonn (Defense Industry)

Development of a sustainable concept for the integration of SAP Identity Management and connection with SAP Access Control. Review of existing authorization concepts and design of new, more efficiently structured solution approaches.

Munich (Banking)

Harmonization of an IT landscape based on SAP Identity Management. Further development of applications and processes, as well as strategy development for future migration projects.

Braunschweig (Public Insurance)

Upgrade to SAP Identity Management 8.0, including the integration of Microsoft Office 365 and activation of the ASCONSIT Application Management Service after the go-live.

Berlin (Food and Beverage Industry)

Successful upgrade to SAP Identity Management 8.0 including the integration of various target systems at one of the largest German beverage companies, with around 9,000 employees, featuring the introduction of SAP Single Sign-On and the integration of SAP Access Control (GRC).

Southern Germany (Logistics)

Implementation and support of SAP Single Sign-On at a large German logistics company.


Helsinki (Electronics Company)

Integration of IBM’s Lotus Notes with more than 100,000 groups and 50,000 users with SAP Identity Management. Provided a solution to address the need for a custom group-handling process with complex algorithms.


Central Denmark (Building & Industry Technology)

Construction and development of an SAP Identity Management solution based on the SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution), with additional development, validation, and commissioning of related applications and the SAP IdM landscape. Preparation for integration with SAP Access Control (GRC).


Stockholm (Insurance)

Review and assessment of an existing SAP Identity Management installation and application shortly prior to commissioning. Definition of corrective actions and preparation of an assessment report.


Johannesburg (Food Industry)

Development of a testing station for SAP Identity Management on behalf of a large corporation operating globally in the food industry. More than 20 different SAP platforms and systems across the various business areas were tested.


Genf (Food Industry)

Correction and stabilization of a complex SAP Identity Management application, including the adaptation of business processes and extension to additional target systems.

Luzern (Defense Industry)

Review and problem analysis of an existing SAP Identity Management installation with subsequent presentation of results and delivery of a report outlining proposals for future optimization measures.


Shanghai (Food Industry)

Roll-out of SAP Identity Management with the integration of SAP Access Control (GRC) and SAP Single Sign-On at a major company in the food and beverage industry with over 10,000 employees. Execution of the go-live while achieving savings on previous security incident cost levels.


Bangalore (Food Industry)

Roll-out of SAP Access Control with the integration of SAP Access Control (GRC) and SAP Single Sign-On at a company operating in the food and beverage industry with over 5,000 employees and 100,000 business roles. Adaptation of the system and landscape to the specific customer requirements. Execution of the go-live with a subsequent hypercare phase.


Sydney (Transportation and Building Industry)

Implementation of a self-service system for password resets and integration of password history based on Microsoft Active Directory and SAP Identity Management. Customization of the employee kiosk terminal for the self-service system.